Hope: A necessary evil


It keeps you going in the worst times. It helps us go through the winter to get to the spring. It is neither a happy emotion nor a sad one. So, it can last forever.

But hope can also be the evil that makes you stuck in an eternity of winter. It stops you from making a ship to get to the other side. But hope wont bring the airplane in time to save you.

Maybe even the concept of god is to have hope. But remember to do our part before letting hope take care of it.

Maybe it is good to be “not great”?

It is always a great feeling when we come across an awesome piece of writing, be it a poem or a story or a life incident. I used to feel jealous when I read these, and would wish that I could write like that.

But maybe it is good not to be great. Because if I am a great writer, I may not feel so awestruck by a good piece of writing. The baseline would be higher, which means less chance of getting that wow feeling, right?

So overall, I can enjoy reading a lot more if I am not a great writer, I guess. Silver lining? Or a silver cloud?

Google addiction?

Is there something called google addiction? If so, I have it. Because, I seem to google every small things. Every silly doubts. About how to do this. How to do that.

In a way, it might be good because I can get to know what people think about all this. But it kinda kills my creativity and independent thoughts too.


Satisfaction is the barrier to success

If you get satisfied after achieveing something, will you work to improve in it or will you celebrate your achievment and take rest? I think the tendency to get satisfied easily with small things is both good and bad. Good because you would be happy and satisfied for most of your life and bad because you won’t have the drive to become better in what you are good at.


Getting hurt is much better than hurting someone else. It is easier to forgive someone else than forgiving yourself.

Imperfection is Perfection

In the movie ‘Hamari Adhuri Kahani’, the hero asks the heroine about the extremely beautiful and seemingly ‘perfect’ garden which roughly translates to “This garden is so perfect, yet something is missing. What could it be?” and she replies that “It is this perfection which makes it feels like we are missing something”.

In a way, I could find this concept extending to many things in life. For example, when I take a photo, usually the first pic I take without the least planning is the best. The more I try to make things perfect and get the best shot, the worse it gets. Another beautiful example is of Marilyn Monroe. The ‘imperfection’ that we call a mole on her cheek makes her perfect face more beautiful. Similar situations happens in science too. One example I know of is the dislocations that we call as a defect in the perfect crystal of the material could be used to strengthen the material.

Maybe it is the natural beauty in imperfections which make them appealing. So, stop attaining perfectionism, because, imperfection is also an element in perfectionism. Learn to use the imperfections to make your perfect things more perfect!


There is a dialogue in the tamil movie Vinnaithaandi Varuvaya – “intha vali enaku pudikkum” (I like this pain). Sometimes, we all do like some pain, right? Be it physical or emotional. Little bit of pain feels good sometimes. You might even feel proud of it. Is it the proudness that make us like the pain in the first place?


Strength and Courage is natural?

I get really happy when people appreciate my courage and strength when I faced the adversities I faced in my life. It used to give a big kick to me. But I realized later that anyone could do the same if given a chance. Maybe they could even do better.

Chance might be a wrong word here, but I prefer to use it. Because all adversities are a chance. A chance to learn and be strong. Because you have no choice but to face it. You might be surprised by what you can face when you have no other choice.

This could be demotivating, but it is good to know this so that you dont get over or under confident about yourselves.


I never thought I would write about you one day! I always thought that nature is having a lot of trees and plants and greenery. Coming from Kerala, it is typically what you can expect. But you, Hyderabad, made me fall in love with nature without the cliched greenery. The sunrises and sunsets we see here are a rare sight at Kerala unless you go to a beach or so (due to the trees).

(Unedited pics, shot by me at IIT, Hyderabad in Redmi 5)

You made me fall in love with the painted sky and this barren land and the beauty it has. The wind it brings. The reason it gave me to walk around the campus at morning and evening, alone or with friends. The feeling it creates in my heart. Which makes life feel like worth living.

This is also beautiful and satisfying to the soul, as much as the greenery at Kerala. I learned to never underestimate any place, because, everything has pros and cons.

Dear heartache,

Shush. Just shush.

Why did they not invent a paracetamol for you?
Maybe they realized that everyone would soon become addicts…

Do people try to avoid you often?
Cuz I just can’t do that howmuchever I try

Sometimes, you just go away
But, you always do come back

What a beautiful couple are we!